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I am a local Bay Area video producer with over 15 years of experience in video production and marketing. From Broadcast TV to DSLR web video production with clients raging from Fuel TV,, Cisco, MTV, Business Wire, Solar Nexus, to name a few. I have the ability, experience, and all the necessary equipment to execute your video production needs including directing, producing, shooting, writing, editing, and web syndication once the video is finished. I strive to constantly contribute to the overall excitement, look and energy of the pieces I produce. My goal is to help raise the bar of the quality and excellence of the content I provide to my clients.

Quote by Adam Reno from VIMBY
“It is a shame that I can only choose three attributes to describe Satva as a filmmaker, producer, and employee. As the Mark Burnett Digital Studio, VIMBY produces broadcast quality content for brands and networks, both for digital and television, using filmmakers around the country. For four years, Satva has been one of our most trusted, prolific, and gifted producers. He has great talent, which is a huge asset, but more importantly, he is mature, agreeable, and very hard working. I always rest easy knowing that Satva is in charge of one of our projects, because that means communication will be clear, deadlines will be met, and the end product will be outstanding.”


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